Why you should join a sports team

For those who love a certain sport, whether it be baseball, soccer, hockey or football, most of us like to bring our passion beyond just watching from a TV screen.

When thinking about how to bring what you truly care about into more aspects of your life, joining a sports team should be at the top of your list. Sports are exciting to watch, but there are many benefits to playing a sport, especially a sports team. Not only can is playing a sport a great way to be active, there are many other benefits to playing that go beyond outside appearance.

According to letsplay.com, there’s seven benefits that go beyond being active and having fun when playing on a team:

  1. One of the top benefits of playing on a team is building self-confidence. When playing a sport, people are able to showcase their skills and be aware of themselves while doing something they love. Playing a sport is basically a way to brag about how good you are and have your team encourage you.. who doesn’t want to show off what they’re good at?!
  2. Being on a field or a court is consistent exercise. With daily practices and weekly games, joining a team is a commitment that includes staying active which results in numerous benefits. Being active helps energy levels and helps people make healthier decisions overall. Joining a team brings you the commitment to workout (usually) at a lower price than a gym. And, doing something you love won’t even feel like exercise.
  3. Obviously being on a team means making a commitment to others and therefore players have the opportunity to build relationships with their teammates. It is a healthier way than meeting friends in a bar and the friendship is more likely to blossom if the two people meet doing something they mutually enjoy doing.
  4. Playing a sport helps people develop time management skills as well as discipline. Therefore, the benefits come off the field and into your school or work life.
  5. A team sport can help put winning and losing into perspective. Let’s be honest, most adults don’t know how to handle losing and playing a team sport can help them. Playing on a team shows that you’re only as strong as your weakest player. Everybody on a team contributes to the team’s success and this is something that can be valuable to people who are labeled sore losers.
  6. Being on team also allows players to build respect. They are going to respect the referees, coaches, each other and most importantly themselves. They have to go beyond loving the game and begin to respect other teams and their own team or else they may have trouble finding success if they are always frustrated or yelling at everyone.
  7. Finally, playing on a team helps build relationship involvement off the field. Players are going to build relationships with other players, but being on a team could also help build personal relationships. There is not much better than showing what you’re good at on the field and then having your mom, dad, siblings or significant other there to cheer you on along the way.



Source: Crystal VanTassel


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